TUANZ Education Conference: Rutherford Hotel, Nelson, Friday 16 March 2007



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Allanah King from Appleby School is going to give you a handout on constructing a Blogger blog and show some very cool tools that you can use to make your class or personal blog a bit special. We will look at how to add photos, a clock, links, webnotes, calendar, site counter, slideshows, movies, slideshows and more!
Bling For Your Blog Example

Rachel Boyd from Nelson Central School - As Easy as Falling off a Blog - creating a class website using Blogger
Want to create a space on the Internet to showcase, share and celebrate the learning in your classroom and interact with the world? Learn the simple and free way to create your on class blog. Gain great ideas and come away with the know-how, back-up notes and web 2.0 tools to create your very own classroom space on the Internet!

Vicki Smith - Digital Drama at your fingertips
a playful exploration of the free and open source online environment UpStage [where you are an avatar who can move and draw and through text to speech interact with others in the room

Angela Page - Blog it! Using blogs to promote reflective practice with students
This workshop looked at how blogs can become a means for promoting reflective practice with students of all ages. It explored the relationship bewteen reflective practice and metacognition, as well as the direct benefits that intrinsic motivation has on student learning. Three types of reflection were described: reflecting before, reflecting during, and reflecting after learning. Here is a copy of the workshop presentation and handout.