Digitising Classroom Practice.

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This session looks at Matching learning styles (using VARK) to traditional and digital learning methods.
The attached presentation contains both propriotory and open source software tools to match to the learning styles.
We also have permission from Dr Neil Fleming to use his learning styles testing tools.

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Online Learning Environment at Mount Albert Grammar School.

Below is a link to our presentation power points from the Auckland workshop. also available is a login that can be used to see what we have set up.

Myclasses implementation at Mount Albert Grammar School (Online Learning Environment) - TUANZ innovation award finalist 06
At Mount Albert grammar school we have been running Myclasses (an online learning environment) for 2 years. It is a flexable environment that can be used in many diffferent ways. Feel free to check out what we have done with the link above. Thanks Paul Thompson (Science teacher and Myclasses project manager at MAGS) pthompson@mags.school.nz